Inside The Manziel L.A. Rental House Party Ragers - VIDEO

Johnny Manziel has started his sobriety with a new Beverly Hills rental and a rip in the crotch of his pants, according to an IG posted by LA Estate Rentals, who works with athletes to place them in offseason L.A. pads. Look at the smile on that face — Football is back!

He’s looking good. The muscle mass is coming back. The eyes are looking cat-like. The teeth seem fine. What could possibly go wrong with sobriety while living in Beverly Hills? It’s a nice quiet place to hangout and get back into football mode while waiting for a team to call. Of course someone will have to call fast since camp starts in like 21 days.

Don’t worry, no bad blood between Johnny and this rental agency.

You might remember how one house owner got mad at Johnny back in April for throwing a rager in a L.A. rental. That was an AirBnB gone bad, according to Johnny. But that’s when he partied. He went sober on July 1 — after the Cabo rager — and is getting back to studying defenses.


May 02, 2021

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